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A membership in the AAHCC is one of the best investments you’ll ever make. With your membership, you’ll:

  • Increase Visibility. Network with your peers and companies you want to do business with. Get involved on a committee level and promote your business. Our CE Dinners offer access to some of the most difficult referral sources.
  • Build relationships. Through our Building Bridges program and Monthly Meetings we help you build relationships with potential clients, customers, and referral sources, all essential to your business growth and expansion.
  • Give back to your community. With our Building Bridges and Amigo programs, you’ll have the opportunity to help San Antonio residents on a variety of levels. Each year we select a local non-profit "Amigo" to be receipients of that years fundraising efforts. Our most recent Amigos include Adopt-A-Vet, Jefferson Outreach Services, and River City Christian School who each were awarded over $10,000.
  • Programs & Events. AAHCC provides valuable programs and scheduled events to further our mission. See the Calendar of events for information on what’s in store for our Members!
  • Learn from the best! AAHCC offers a wide range of peer networking and mentoring opportunities such as access to conferences, seminars and workshops. Share what you know and learn from others.
  • The Alamo Area Homecare Council is a proactive legislative force in Texas. Since all disciplines of home care are represented, you will stay informed on important legislation that will either directly or indirectly affect you and your business. You will also be able to participate in certain functions, such as rallies and forums. Because of the size of our membership, and the members who make up membership, we do have a voice and it is heard.
  • Boost your effectiveness with access to the Home Care community. You may have most of what your patients/clients need, but when you need resources for your clients – AAHCC has the BEST of what San Antonio has to offer in the Home Care Realm. When it comes to this community, whatever your need, we have the solution.
  • Stay at the top of your game. We are the premier organization for communication and presentation of information regarding home care issues, what is directly affecting us and sharing of ideas to better serve our customers.
  • Get the recognition you deserve. We promote you, your company, and your company’s accomplishments at every meeting, with every missive, and on this website. AAHCC provides a vehicle to market your services/products and increase your company’s visibility in the Greater San Antonio business community.
  • Solidarity in our Community. For over 50 years, AAHCC has provided San Antonio and surrounding communities with benefits of membership. The AAHCC is Texas’ largest and most active home care council, and we are here to stay.

Cost: $100/ Year

To request more information:

Contact our

Membership Officer 

Tim Albums

Realtor-KW Heritage 


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