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Legislative Committee

The Legislative Committee is an important working committee of the Alamo Area Home Care Council. Services offered to our patients hinge on legislation that is either being proposed or has just been passed. The Legislative Committee attempts to gather information on any new or proposed bills so that the membership, which is composed of all the disciplines of home care, can stay informed of any changes that may affect the services they render. The Legislative Committee also works hard to develop good working relationships with our Legislators, on the local, state and national level, so they understand up front how certain pieces of Legislation could affect our business and our patients.

For the past four years, the Legislative Committee of the Alamo Area Home Care Council has conducted a Meet the Candidate forum for our members. Held shortly before the November election, all candidates running for office are invited to attend this Forum and are offered a two minute span to talk about their platforms and to comment on current or proposed Legislation and how it might affect Home Care. This has become a very successful and popular event for the Council and has increased the visibility of Home Care among our Legislators.

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