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Alamo Area Home Care Council History


Over 50 years ago, in the 1960s, Sister Boniface with the St. Benedicts parish began this council as a means of uniting, advocating, and educating our South Texas community regarding home care services.


Initially the Alamo Area Home Care Council Board consisted of three sub-committees:

  • Legislative

  • Medicaid and government assistance

  • Trainings


We are proud to continue this rich history of education and advocacy to advance and improve excellent patient care.


Our Mission:

Alamo Area Home Care Council is established to promote and advance the public interest in home care with the purpose of advocating for and educating our members and our community regarding home care.


Our Objectives:

  • To promote and elicit public interest in and knowledge of home care.

  • To provide a forum for the discussion of subjects relating to home care, and the exchange of ideas and information to include the provision for continuing education programs.

  • To educate members on legislation relating to home care.

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